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Back Pain Specialist

Adam Newton, D.C. -  - Board Certified Chiropractor

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Adam Newton, D.C.

Board Certified Chiropractor located in Carmel, IN

An estimated 31 million adults in the United States experience some degree of back pain at any given time. Chronic lower back pain, specifically, is a top complaint and leading cause of missed work. If you live with persistent back pain, Adam Newton, DC, and the team at HealthSolutions of Carmel Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab can help you find natural, long-term relief. Call the Carmel, Indiana, office or click online to schedule an appointment today.

Back Pain Q & A

Why does my back hurt? 

Your spine is a remarkably complex structure, made up of bones, joints, and nerves, that’s held in place and supported by a resilient network of ligaments and muscles.  

While a healthy spine is the foundation of a strong, pain-free back, any injury, condition, or problem that affects this intricate structure can make the simplest movements uncomfortable or even impossible. Common reasons for chronic back pain include:

Natural wear-and-tear

Osteoarthritis, or age-related degeneration, occurs when the cartilage between your spinal joints breaks down. It’s a major cause of decreased spinal mobility and ongoing back pain. 

Spinal disc problems

Spinal discs, or the rubbery cushions that sit between each vertebra of your backbone, can slip out of their space (bulge) or tear (herniate), putting pressure on or irritating nearby nerves. 

Traumatic injuries

Heavy lifting, sudden movements, and impact injuries can cause microscopic tears in the muscles and ligaments in your back, leading to long-standing inflammation and chronic pain. 

Postural misalignments

Uncorrected poor posture can give rise to spinal misalignments that lead to back pain, particularly if you sit or stand for long periods of time.  

What’s making my back pain worse?

Although back pain is increasingly common among older adults, it affects people of all ages. Risk factors that increase your chances of developing chronic back pain or make an existing problem worse include:

  • Constant sitting or lack of physical activity 
  • Carrying excess weight through your midsection 
  • Working at a job that requires heavy lifting
  • Engaging in contact sports or high-impact exercise 

Living in a constant state of stress can make your back pain worse, as can sleeping on a saggy mattress, wearing unsupportive shoes, or smoking cigarettes. 

How can I resolve chronic back pain?

Effective back pain treatment starts with a comprehensive physical exam to determine the underlying cause of your problem. Once Dr. Newton, DC, understands the nature and extent of your pain, as well as its origin, he can develop a personalized treatment plan that combines targeted chiropractic care with other natural and proactive techniques. 

If your pain is rooted in your spine, chiropractic adjustments can go a long way in enhancing spinal joint motion, improving postural alignment, and reducing pain. Spinal decompression therapy, which gently lengthens your spine to relieve disc-related nerve pressure, is another effective solution for many people.  

If your back pain is muscle-related, massage can help work out the kinks, release tension, improve mobility, and alleviate pain. Therapeutic exercises and stretches that correct muscle imbalances, strengthen your core, and reduce inflammation can also help resolve back pain and prevent its recurrence. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to chronic back pain, call HealthSolutions of Carmel Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab or book online today.