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Invisa-RED Specialist

Adam Newton, D.C. -  - Board Certified Chiropractor

HealthSolutions of Carmel Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab

Adam Newton, D.C.

Board Certified Chiropractor located in Carmel, IN

Regular exercise and a nutritious diet can go a long way in keeping you strong and healthy, but they can’t always help you reach your weight-loss goals or eliminate unwanted pockets of persistent fat. Adam Newton, DC, and the team at HealthSolutions of Carmel Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab offer invisa-RED™ noninvasive fat reduction, an innovative treatment that can supercharge your metabolism and your weight-loss efforts. Call the Carmel, Indiana, office or click online to schedule an appointment today.

Invisa-RED Q & A

What’s invisa-RED?

Invisa-RED is a noninvasive laser treatment that uses specific wavelengths of therapeutic light energy to stimulate your metabolism at the cellular level. It’s the only nonsurgical fat-reduction and body-contouring treatment available that’s clinically proven to:

  • Accelerate weight-loss efforts
  • Spot-reduce specific areas of fat
  • Promote measurable inch loss 

invisa-RED is different than CoolSculpting and similar to laser liposuction. When combined with conventional weight-loss strategies like diet, exercise, and lifestyle management, invisa-RED treatments are a catalyst for faster, more efficient weight loss. The treatments jumpstart your metabolism and prompt your body to burn stored calories and excess fat more rapidly than normal.  

How does invisa-RED work?

The invisa-RED platform uses a specialized handheld device to deliver therapeutic levels of infrared heat energy through the surface of your skin directly into your subcutaneous adipose tissues, or fat. 

As this gentle vibrational energy penetrates your fat cells, it prompts light-sensitive chemicals called chromophores to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). As the “molecular currency” of intracellular energy transfer, ATP molecules boost your metabolism and promote the immediate use of stored energy, or fat, for fuel. 

After a single invisa-RED treatment, your supercharged metabolism burns stored fat at the same elevated rate as it would following high-intensity exercise. Even better, your body sustains this elevated rate for several hours, just as it would after a tough workout. 

Can invisa-RED target specific areas of fat?

In addition to accelerating your weight-loss efforts, invisa-RED can help you spot-reduce pesky pockets of persistent fat, or the areas of fat that never seem to budge no matter how active you are or how well you eat.

By simply adjusting the wavelength of the laser device, invisa-RED can target specific areas of diet- and exercise-resistant fat. As this type of energy penetrates and heats unwanted fat cells from the inside out, it disrupts their stability, so they no longer function normally.  

Over the course of a few weeks, your lymphatic system naturally flushes the damaged fat cells from your body, leaving you with a slimmer, tighter figure that has less pinchable fat and fewer unwanted bulges.  

How many invisa-RED treatments do I need?

Most men and women require multiple invisa-RED treatments to attain their weight-loss and body-shaping goals. Performed twice a week for optimal results, invisa-RED can help you lose an average of two pounds per week, or up to one inch of fat from a targeted treatment area. 

Depending on your weight-loss or body-shaping goals, Dr. Newton, DC, and his team can develop an invisa-RED plan that gets results — safely, efficiently, and effectively. 

To find out how invisa-RED can help you reach your weight-loss and body-shaping goals more efficiently, call HealthSolutions of Carmel Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab or book online today. 

*Individual results may vary