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Corrective Chiropractic Care in Carmel Indiana

Millions of people have turned to chiropractic care for help with issues ranging from back pain to headaches. But if you are someone who is suffering and searching for the best way to address your body’s needs, here is a treatment option you may not have considered: corrective chiropractic care. What is corrective care, and how does it differ from the traditional style of chiropractic services you may be familiar with?


Relief Care


 Most people probably recognize this scenario: one day you turn the wrong way, and suddenly pain shoots through your back. You go to the chiropractor, who adjusts your back. Within a few visits you feel like new, and you go on your way. Everything is fine now! Until the next time that you turn the wrong way again, and you have to do the whole thing over. This approach is considered relief care, and it’s focused on addressing the immediate pain. Anyone who has experienced this sort of agony will agree that relief care is important.


Corrective Chiropractic Care


 However, to address the underlying structural and alignment problems that lead to that sort of pain, we offer corrective chiropractic care. The focus of this type of care is on treating the underlying misalignments in the body that lead to pain and injury. We expertly diagnose the problem, then address it with a comprehensive approach, including adjustments, stretching, and exercises. With this level of care, weakness and misalignment can be improved permanently, helping patients escape from the pattern of treatment and re-injury. With proper alignment and strength, the body is freed to return to its natural state of vibrant health and comfort.


What to Expect


 If you are ready to experience the life-altering changes that are possible with corrective care, then first you’ll want to know what to expect when you come into our office. Let’s walk through the steps.


  1. X-rays


 X-rays are the gold standard for diagnosing structural issues and spinal misalignments. Observing posture and conducting hands-on examinations does not deliver the same accuracy, so we would settle for nothing less than the appropriate X-rays.


  1. A plan of action


 Once your doctor has clearly identified the problems you’re dealing with and has discussed your goals for treatment, it is time to work up an individualized plan. Your doctor will meticulously map out the course of treatment and break down the steps needed to get there.


  1. Your part

 This is not a passive process. Your chiropractor will do their part, and they will recommend ways you can support that work at home. This might be through exercise, stretches, nutritional changes, and modifications in daily activities. This work will help reinforce the change in structure and patterns of movement that will help restore function and vibrant health.


corrective chiropractic facts 4. Experience a new level of health


 With the proper alignment, you will find relief from pain that may have been a part of your life for years. What’s more, your nervous system will be able to work at top efficiency, which improves and supports the function of every other part of the body. You may be surprised not only at how much better you feel, but also by how much better your body is functioning with experiencing better digestion, better sleep, and more energy.


Corrective chiropractic care goes beyond pain relief. Our goal in this work is to restore health and function in a way that is life changing and permanent. To find out more about what we can do for you, and to receive a valuable coupon, please contact us.  We are committed to provide the most effective care possible. We look forward to beginning this journey together toward a optimal health. 

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